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Hello! Welcome!

Hello there! Didn't see ya come by!

Well, since youre here, allow me to tell you about the group.

Of course, as the name suggests, this is a group dedicated to pony bases! Pixel, canon, artists's style, you name it, we most likely have it. We try to have the best bases available sitting around in our gallery for you to use and enjoy. As a base user myself from time to time, I'd like a wide variety of bases available to use. This group would be a perfect use for that ^^

While our gallery may not be as large as those other groups, we may still be a good resource for quality bases of all categories.

Now onto the rules! Yay!

First off, the base MUST be yours, and not stolen from another base creator/artist
SAI, Photoshop, and MS Paint bases are a-ok to be submitted!
This group is open to anyone, just as long as youre not a thief of course.
Enjoy our bases! Its a cheesy rule but, its still here :3

Enjoy! Please do join us and have fun! <3


Please check out these other great pony groups! They're great, and have amazing members! We're glad to be their affiliate <3


Explicit content by LordMarlon Explicit content :iconlordmarlon:LordMarlon 451 17 MLP Base: Pony Parts by SinfulBases MLP Base: Pony Parts :iconsinfulbases:SinfulBases 3,677 47 MLP Base 10 by Jadatwilightmoon MLP Base 10 :iconjadatwilightmoon:Jadatwilightmoon 177 68 Playful Base by RemixRose Playful Base :iconremixrose:RemixRose 305 104 Goggles Base by asdflove Goggles Base :iconasdflove:asdflove 279 40 Mecha Pony Base by LonicHedgehog Mecha Pony Base :iconlonichedgehog:LonicHedgehog 431 89 Princess Luna S1 Base (Request) by SelenaEde Princess Luna S1 Base (Request) :iconselenaede:SelenaEde 553 197 MLP: Fan Girls! Paparazzi! Attack!!!! by xXxtamdasexmonoxXx MLP: Fan Girls! Paparazzi! Attack!!!! :iconxxxtamdasexmonoxxx:xXxtamdasexmonoxXx 205 6 MlP Crying Base by JageredRainbow MlP Crying Base :iconjageredrainbow:JageredRainbow 26 5 Sonic RainBoom Base by Meerkatgirl1342 Sonic RainBoom Base :iconmeerkatgirl1342:Meerkatgirl1342 182 33 Lyra Base by BronyBase Lyra Base :iconbronybase:BronyBase 518 166 Fixed base by Pikachu1089 Fixed base :iconpikachu1089:Pikachu1089 3 3 MLP: FiM Base - Sitting by ShroomehTehPoneh MLP: FiM Base - Sitting :iconshroomehtehponeh:ShroomehTehPoneh 36 8
Rhyme the Pony
I am what I am, I'm not what I 'm not.
What is, is, what isn't, isn't.
This world is too simple, too boring for me
I'll go to a place full of magic to see
I think with all this I might really be free
Those cute little ponies, I couldn't stop my "tee-hee"
As Trixie walked in, all dressed up to rap
When then she found out that her bling couldn't back
Up her flow,
She was slow,
Her talk was all smack  
And her rhymes were just whack
I knew she was weak so i proved her rap lacked:
Oh so you think you're all that
Not too bad for a rat
But you're slow on the mic, at back of the track
This time I'll win, and in 10 seconds flat!
Between both our rhymes there is such a big gap
Your "flow" makes me think that you just wanna chat
Try if you want, you can't stop the Bronies
Laugh all you want but I still got my ponies.
I know what I like, I sure ain't no phony
A pony show live? Well that'd get a Tony
So now you should count all us bronies
and report to your cronies
:iconchyre:chyre 3 3
The group is living again! ;v;

I'm sorry for the inactivity, I moved away from my other account due to personal reasons, and since the mods here isnt very active, the group is pretty dead without me around ;v;"

But thats ok! The mods are great <3 And the group is active again.

Sorry about any member requests declined or submissions expired! Feel free to re-submit if you'd like ^^
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plami55 Featured By Owner May 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How to put it gif where it writes “Hello! Welcome!”?
xXRainbow-SplatXx Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017  Student Digital Artist
why cant i join?
Snowdropyy Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
pliz to add  group
Esmahasakazoo Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Hello! I was wondering if this group accepted animated pixel icon bases. I have four pony bases ( Earth, Pegasus, Unicorn, and Alicorn ) and I am planning on using them for commissions! I didn't know if this would be a good place to submit them or if there is a different group I should go to.…………
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